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Stained Glass Artistry

Lynn & Bonnie Burlbaw

ChiliAfter talking about becoming stained glass artists for most of their 25 years of marriage, Lynn and Bonnie decided to take the plunge and converted their garage into a glass shop.  After taking several classes, they began selling their work in late 2006. Lynn prefers abstract patterns while Bonnie takes her inspiration from nature.  We make pieces we enjoy and sell them and accept commissions using pre-designed patterns or can create a pattern for a particular place.

Lynn uses his background in wood-working and pottery in designing and mounting his works.  Both work in foil/solder and lead formats.  Lynn had done a number of repairs on old stained glass windows and mounts restored/recovered pieces in wood for display. All restoration work is done with antique glass instead of using replica glass.

The name of our company, Envision It Glass, came about because of our penchant for saying, “Wouldn’t that be pretty in stained glass!”  Now we can produce those images in glass and can say, “Isn’t that pretty in stained glass?”